February 20, 2001

This is a triptych based upon a collage of our own original architectural photography. We were all dumped in the same location so we would have the same source material, but all of us managed to come up with entirely different ideas. Eventually, the piece was printed, mounted, and framed. Click the thumbnails for fullsize versions.

»  Full Composition


Content for this triptych was in the form of architectural photography at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA. Professor Mits also treated us to dinner and a show. (We had to pay for the show. It was still a deal). Photography in the day, then off to dinner, and finally Romeo and Juliet. It was a good day. In front of the theater there is a fountain with some very random cycles of spray. First person to figure out the cycle and get through without getting wet would get into the show for free. I didn't end up paying. What's the secret to getting through the fountain without getting wet? Luck and stupidity.

Below are the final photos I used to composite my final piece. Click to cycle through.

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