Body Negative  
Press work.  


+ Experimental Paper Installation - Pont Aven, FRANCE
+PSA Open House - Pont Aven, FRANCE
BODY NEGATIVE started as an experimentation with the press, and clean-line stenciling. The key to get such sharp edges in my prints was to cut shapes from smooth, very fine newsprint, and lay thes cut shapes on top of inked plexy. I then soaked an 80lb bond print-grade stock in warm water for 20 minutes before laying it upon the inked, stenciled plate. After running it all through the press, the black ink seeped so deep into the paper with such clean lines, that you could nearly feel the ink through the back of the stock.

Documentation of this project is poor, as I was studying in Pont Aven, France, and I only took a few slides. The final pieces that you see to the left were mounted in a corner, and jutted out. They represent the body. The top being the head, the sides being the arms, the bottom the legs, and the middle the heart.

Below are excerpts from my sketchbook, showing conceptualization and the final presentation for the gallery.

Summer 2002, FR
My workspace while living in France, Summer 2002: