November 14, 2000

I grew up making models. Gliders, trains, cars, boats, planes, you name it, and I have it in my old closet at my parents' house. I liked building plastic models for the painting and detail work, but thrived on balsa because I loved woodwork and sanding. Also, balsa models were usually plains or boats, which could actually float or fly when I was done. I cherished on the precision that it took to construct a balsa and tissue Mustang or Mulligan. The more precise and patient I was during construction, the further the model flew.

The coursework in this class was almost a direct offshoot. You have to have the same sort of obsessed mentality when working precise forms out of clay and cardboard. Detail work can be a form of meditation.

Queen Amidala. I'm not a particularly large Star Wars fan. I just got a cup topper at Taco Bell when Episode One came out, and there wasn't much else in my dorm at the time. Although I did consider modelling my desk lamp out of clay.

This boxing glove was an effort to create a soft shape out of planes exclusively, and to use the least possible amount of them to describe the shape.

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