corpus aesthetic

CORPUS AESTHETIC is the result of a project's direction towards developing an identity for a cultural event. Developed entirely from scratch, my only inspiration was the instrumental"Solace" by Scott Joplin. This song, in addition to the "Multiplicity" chapter excerpt from Italo Calvino's "Six Memos For The Next Millenium" resulted in an Art Gallery Exhibition, aptly named after the combination of the words Corpus (the Latin root for "body"), and Aesthetic, which as a synonym for beauty and proportion. From thst starting point, I began working with the concept of developing an exhibition of designers, artists and photographers who's work incorporates direct inspiration by or utilization of the human body in the majority of their work. I compiled an eclectic group of artists, all who would contribute greatly to the energy of the opening in a unique way. THE LOGO design depicts the human body (a male -- I created a female figure for another version, it works just as well) surrounded by an aura, which represents its impact on others. The logo's vocabulary is referenced throughout the entire identity of the exhibition.

a. The catalogue contains artist and event information, as well as Calvino's excerpt. The artists featured include Bill Viola, Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst, Stefen Sagmeister, Merce Cunningham, Mariko Mori, Matthew Gale, and Vito Acconci.

b. The brochure/mailer (b) includes much of the same information of the brochure, but since it acts as a first impression for attendees, it's designed to have a bit more impact without a large amount of text.

c. The t-shirts were silkscreened with the logo on front, and a small design on back. I developed a run of 5 boys shirts, and 5 girls. On the girls' shirts, the logo depicts a female, rather than a male.
a. catalogue
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The catalogue was printed digitally and bound by hand. The cover is printed on 100 lb pin-stripe cover stock, and pages printed on Archival CLassic Natural White linen text-weight stock by Kimberly-Clark. The binding is a custom accordian. Click next or previous, or on the image of the catalogue itself to turn the pages.
b. brochure/mailer
The brochure was printed digitally on Epson thin semi-gloss, and doubles as a poster after unfolding.
c. t-shirts
The t-shirts were screened front and back. The girls version features a woman instead of a man on the front logo.
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