March 19, 2002

In old English, to experience orgasm was to experience a "small death." Combined with murder, intrigue and mystery, I illustrated a dark story that was wrapped up tightly into a little QuickTime Scene I like to call, "A Double Death."

I deeply thank all the souls who helped me create this piece. Especially Fish, Calen, Tracy, Chris, for all the support that I badly needed, and received.

This file is 6.8mb. You will know that it's fully loaded if your cursor, when held over the movie, will turn into an arrow. If it is in fact and arrow, click and go. Holding and dragging will scroll object movies, as well as rotate panoramas. There are multiple paths to take during this story, but you will always loop back to the beginning. Some hints: Dressers, chairs, and desks all need to be explored. Be careful what you pick up, and there's always another way. Controls for zooming and hotspots are on the bottom right of the movie.

© 2002 GDUNNE