May 14, 2001

Create a story from found images. I had a hard time recalling what this project entailed, as I thought there had to be more to it than what I had written down. But, I was wrong. How brilliantly simple.

I asked Li for some help:

Gabe: yo li
Gabe: remember 103 with huhtamo?
Li: yea
Li: what about it
Gabe: is that the one where we did the advertising campaign at the end?
Li: yep
Gabe: cool
Gabe: now
Gabe: what was the midterm?
Gabe: i remember our projects, but i forgot the assignment
Li: the picture narrative
Gabe: a narrative of what
Gabe: just anything?
Li: anything
Gabe: hmm
Gabe: was there anything more to it?
Li: using just pictures
Li: found pictures
Li: nope
Gabe: i miss assignments like that
Li: ha
Gabe: what a great assignment
Li: semiatics
Li: we were suppose to learn about that
Gabe: man
Li: haha
Li: dude
Li: those were the good old days
Gabe: seriously
Li: now is just stress and more stress
Gabe: ... a tear
Gabe: i know
Gabe: i want to create a visual story
Gabe: from found pictures
Gabe: oh, how free
Li: yep
Li: those were the pure conceptual days
Gabe: yes
Gabe: it feels like a long time ago
Gabe: 2 years
Li: it is a long time
Li: those days were so relaxing
Gabe: we didn't think so

Anyway. Enough nostalga. This project was first done with cutouts and then scanned to be printed on a plotter. It ended up being a poster-size at about 2.5 feet long, and clocked in at 127mb.

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