March 30, 2001

The flower market is a district, really. It's located in downtown Los Angeles, and opens at approximately 3 am, closing at around 9am. All the flower shop owners come here to pick up their crops to sell during the day. For design students, however, it allows us to take loads of colorful pictures and make animations with the results. As we most certainly did.

"Flower Love" sprouted from a song I was composing at the time. (It's what you hear in the soundtrack). The song is about two flowers are separated traumatically, only to find each other in the sky, and float down stream. Two pollen crossed lovers, and so on, and so forth. I used animated what I envisioned as I played the song. A limiting factor was length. We had to keep it less than 60 seconds, so I had to remix the song to about a quarter of its length. If there's one thing I learned in freshman year, it's if your idea requires you to take extra time to communicate, just break the rules and move forward with it.

Special accreditations must go to Matt Hsu for his top knotch hand and foot modeling.

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