Janurary 29, 2001

As an impressionable freshman, the idea of modifying logo forms appealed to me greatly. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was working on something "professional" or "real world." Whatever it was that jazzed me up, if I was to do this project in the present day I would approached it entirely differently. For instance, modifying a corporate "stamp" opens up a huge array of possibilities. I could shed a little light onto aspects of a company that are usually shrouded by shadows, or make a social commentary.

At the time, however, I just wanted to use the new version of Illustrator and work my antsy fingers.

After transferring all the packaging copy and logo forms, I attempted to push the Crest logo into a more abstract shape, yet still retaining the Crest 'feel,' regardless if it no longer resembled it's former self.

My watch has broken more than two times in the entire lifespan of ownership. It was a good platform to take off from for this piece.

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