February 10, 2002

"Sometimes, a pleasant visual stimulation is as equally important as an objects function. In my personal work, I strive for a satisfying middleground. Function does have a necessary influence, but aesthetics are something that can never be overlooked."

I wrote this at the beginning of the year. I still agree with myself, to an extent. Aesthetics do play an important role, but if an items aesthetics get in the way of its use, it creates awkward frustrations. I'm moving towards a sort of deco-minimalism in my work. If I do have an excuse to decorate, I will never allow myself to design for the sake of design.

An analogy would be to relate beautiful design to a band who respects each instruments tonal range, space between the notes they play, and contrast -- Space for the listeners' ear to rest, and the subtle following of a narrative. The instant a band blasts their instruments over the entire equalizer thinking they are so important; they exude their obvious lack of experience and immaturity.

A good designer knows when to rest, and knows when the spaces between forms do more talking than the forms themselves. They know how to edit, and be inspired. They know when they're finished.

Below is a manifesto for designers that I wrote at around the same time as the intro quote.

  • Do not follow trends. Merely be inspired by their concepts to fuel original ideas.

  • Yes, plan. But do it in pencil.

  • Learn a musical instrument. Musical stimulation enhances and relaxes the senses so one can think clearly.

  • Nature is the most inspirational source available.

  • You must learn the theories of color.

  • Do not work at defining your own style. Your personal style will broadcast through any medium without your concentrated effort.

  • Immerse yourself in other subjects. A designer who studies nothing but art will have nothing to make art about.

  • Design a typeface.

  • Learn how to take pictures. Capturing what your eyes can see on film can only help you capture ideas with your hands.

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