Janurary 20, 2001

My first real experimentation with 35mm. The only knowledge of film I had prior my freshman year were some tiny movies that I made with my fathers 16mm. I didn't jump into still photography until later. These contact sheets were trials that allowed me to explore the medium in a non-classical way. These proof-sheets are the actual compositions, not each individual frame.

Jif. This was an attempt to work in some abstract forms, but as my first try, it deserved a bit more planning on my part.

Automobile experiment.

Self portrait experiment. This included some double and triple exposures in order to achieve color bars and peculiar forms. The self-portrait strip at the bottom was photographed seperately.

My art past kicked in at the beginning of this project, and I quickly realized that things didn't work unless I planned them out.

a proof-sheet setup image.

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