March 18, 2001

For our final we were allowed the use of a computer, as the project was to be turned in as a print. The students were color matching on uncalibrated monitors. But it didn't even really matter, as the plotter isn't really color-accurate at all. I felt this was missing the point of the entire class, so I went out of my way to purchase a cheap calibration kit for my Viewsonic monitor and trusty HP printer. After installing the kit, I realized that it allowed me to calibrate to the same model of plotter that the school owns, which was also an HP. How convenient. So, I went down to the Labs with my laptop when they were open 24 hours (those were the days), and calibrated my LCD and the plotter to print the exact colors I wanted.

I knew that half the students couldn't even tell the difference. But, I could. And that's all that matters.

After staring at color for days on end, your eyes, just as any other muscles in your body, begin to tire, and you lose the ability to see subtle color differences. My eyes rested easy that night, and I probably dreamt in black and white.

Final Poster

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