Anti-war rallies had been planned for Feb.15th in about 150 U.S. cities, from Yakima, Washington, to Augusta, Maine, as well as in major cities including Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; and Seattle, Washington. The Los Angeles turnout yielded nearly 80,000. The numbers fluctuate because it depends who you talk to, but it felt massive to stand amidst so many bodies. The global anti-war protest that took place on Saturday was the largest worldwide organized protest in history. It gives me great feelings of hope that so many people truly do care about the state of the planet. At the same time, I feel helpless because despite the fact that millions of people voiced their opinions on Saturday, I honestly doubt the Bush Administration will so much as acknowledge that it even took place. An interesting thing about these recent protests is the amount of documentation taking place. Every single person has a camera. I am one of them.

Photography 2003, Gabe Dunne

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