This collection of work was done in the last 10 months and represents my explorations in visual software and musical expression, as well as an implied direction for my future work.

Some of the pieces are tools that would be used to create musical soundscapes. When using these software instruments such as Dots, Jellyfish, Rattles, Web the visual aspect of the instruments are integrated: both the visual and the sound of the instruments make up the experience. While the audio and visual elements are linked, they are not audio visualizers, rather, they are visual instruments used to create sound.

Two of the pieces do not have an audio component, as their primary focus is a spacial experience. Swim Tank gives you control of an object that has freedom of movement and leaves a trail. As the object is rhythmically guided forward and backward, it allows you to interact with your previously drawn path and decisions. Your gain perspective as you get to the furthest end of your trail, allowing you to interact with all your past movements over the course of your experience.

Stars is also an exploration space, allowing you to experience the transition between macro and micro in an environment of infinite/finite scale. As you move through the space, your scope and perspective widens and transcends while space becomes infinitely big and infinitely small simultaneously, distorting time, scale and perspective.

I forsee the next step in this work would be to translate the screen-based environments into the physical world by means of sculpture, installation. I view this software as simple conceptual sketches that point in the direction of physical works that follow the same philosophy.

Gabriel Dunne